Thursday, November 17, 2011

In This Fair City

 Wandering the city, there are many interesting events and images worth capturing to happen upon. On a beautiful fall day, who doesn't want to bear the weight of a cat on their shoulders. 
Photo Credit: Cassandra Past

Skateboarders at Columbus circle showed off their tricks to an audience of businessmen enjoying their lunch. 


Venturing into the park, less green and more color seems to be predominant to truly signify a changing season. 

Some interesting sculptures along Broadway by artist Peter Woytuk provided great models too.  And in a city that is constantly changing, one thing that will never change is the moon above. 

Another interesting sighting was all the way to the left of the Empire Statebuilding; something brighter than a star; a planet peeked it's way through the bright lights of New York. A huge planet looking so small next to the once tallest building in the world. 

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